Eartheon CT

Eartheon CT is a doppelganger of one or several aspects of a city (from social dynamics to actual infrastructure) that allows policy makers, urban planners and stakeholders to check the effects of any changes before policies and construction work can happen. They are built on big data, huge volumes of information that can be filtered and processed by sophisticated computer models.

Eartheon CT can be as expansive and complex (or focused and simple) as desired. Some cities may want to replicate their entire metropolitan areas, while others may prefer to focus on a few neighborhoods. Their real value resides in their potential to avoid the huge expenses that can occur due to poorly planned developments.

Urban resilience

Urban resilience is the capacity of a city’s systems, businesses, institutions, communities and individuals to maintain continuity through all shocks and stresses and positively adapting and transforming towards sustainability. City Digital Twins are becoming a critical tool for city governments to design, plan and manage their infrastructure for resilience.

Monitoring and Managing the City

Data is sent from the digital layer about the mobility, infrastructure, buildings and terrain in the city. This data is used to conduct simulations in the virtual layer, which can then be passed back as information through the layers of the city.






Digital Layer

Responsible for gathering all the data needed for simulations in the virtual layer/digital twin, from all the previous layers. The results of these simulations are then fed back through the layers of the city as information.



Movement of people during their daily routing and the movement of the goods that help them in different aspects of their lives.



These buildings have highly accurate building information modelling (BIM) models that can be used as digital twin of the building.



The basic physical and organisational structures and facilities (e.g.roads, power supplies, telecommunication) needed for the operation of a society or enterprise.



Basic information about the city-what part of the city is offshore, are there rivers or canals running through the city, are there steep gradients or hills in the city, what part of the city is made of sand ect.

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