Case Studies

City property ownership in the Netherlands

The Netherlands had a mix of modern and historic buildings wanted to have a common platform for analysing different kinds of information in the city-property ownership, population estimation and utilities consumption data. In the first phase of the object, Eartheon developed a common platform for all stakeholders to facilitate collaboration between various departments. As the next step, the local government is considering integrating infrastructural data into its Digital Twin.

Monitoring rental homes in France

Across Europe, developing affordable housing is seen as an increasingly important task. Rent and energy management of these houses is a big challenge. Eartheon helped PUCA-the French ministry of environment to experiment with a Digital Twin pilot to monitor and manage rental homes on a day-to-day basis. The city is now considering integrating energy data into the Digital Twin, apart from monitoring physical conditions, repair and maintenance data.

Rebooting a financial district in Saudi Arabia

A prominent financial district in Saudi Arabia was scheduled to be constructed over an area of 2 million square meters with 42 towers but the project got stalled for several reasons. Eartheon helped the project to be documented as built using a Digital Twin. The Digital Twin was used to compute the proper project budget and the current status of the project and kickstart re-tendering.

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